Landmark drug bill passed

Kentucky legislators reached a last-minute agreement Tuesday on a comprehensive bill that will help tackle the state’s heroin epidemic, and that includes just about everything Northern Kentucky anti-heroin activists were seeking and helped avoid the last minute disappointment of a year ago.


Read all about it at this link:

Recovery Works Meeting

Wow, what a great night. Tina, Traci and I (Jess) went to Recovery Works family meeting last night and spoke. We shared Tabi and Tawni’s stories and felt they made a difference. It was great meeting the families and the clients. We want to thank Recovery Works for allowing us to speak. This was our first speaking engagement and hopefully not the last. With our talks we just want to make an impact, we want the families to know they must stick together and be supportive and love their loved one affected by addiction.

We ask that everyone continue to pray for all the families. As a community continue to get the word out. There are a few upcoming events that some of you may be interested in participating.

Recovery Now! A Celebration of Addiction Recovery – September 21 11a-4p @ Devou Park, Covington

2nd Annual Run for Recovery 5K Run/Walk in memory of Harry Rankin – September 28 9a @ Blessed Sacrament Church, Ft Mitchell – You can register online at – Search for Sept 28th events

As always thank you so much for supporting Tabatha’s Fight and my family. Through our work we will help others.

Much Love,