Meeting in Burlington Library

Went awesome, heard some great info, Tabatha’s Fight was mentioned on stage, and was truly awesome to hear…  thanks to all who came out to support the rally and Tabatha’s Fight…

To Save Just One…

Tabatha’s Fight Open Meeting / Elections 2 May 2013

Open Board Meeting

May 2, 2013


Attendees: Tina Roland, Jessica Tomlin, Karen Strayer, Ron Clark, Traci Wolfe, Veronica DeBra, Beth Ernest, Frances Roland, Cindy Fischer, John DeBra, Diana Moore, Chris Lynch, Rhonda Spare, Marla Maphet, Crystal Michels

Current Board Members:

Tina Roland – President

Ron Clark – Board Member

Karen Strayer – Board Member

Newly Elected Officers/Board Members:

Jessica Tomlin – Vice-President     Nominated by Karen Strayer, 2nd Tina Roland, Unanimous vote

Karen Strayer – Secretary Nominated by Tina Roland, 2nd Ron Clark, Unanimous vote

Ron Clark – Treasurer Nominated by Tina Roland, 2nd Karen Strayer, Unanimous vote

Rhonda Spare – V.P. Fundraisers Nominated by Tina Roland, 2nd Karen Strayer, Unanimous vote

Veronica DeBra – Honorary Chair Fundraisers

Nominated by Karen Strayer, 2nd Tina Roland, Unanimous vote

Board Member – Shevelle Thomas Nominated by Karen Strayer, 2nd Tina Roland, Unanimous vote

ByLaws Reviewed and accepted

Review of Dayton High School Town Hall:

Karen Strayer reviewed agenda and attendees from April 29, 2013, Town Hall at Dayton High School. was well represented and collaborated with other organizations (Transitions, PAR, PIER, Dr. Jeremy Engle from Northern Kentucky Heroin Impact and Response Workgroup) and community leaders.  Information was gathered to give direction to our group, developing one of our first goals to obtain funding to assist the distribution of Naloxone (Narcan) to those of financial need.  During Q&A, Tina Roland asked where the monies seized from dealers went and how communities could obtain to help with treatment of addicts.  Unfortunately, those monies are put back into the Drug Task Force due to cuts from our government to their department.


Several  ideas were discussed.  The group hopes to provide at least one fundraiser per month.

May  – Jessica Tomlin will chair a group to participate in the Florence Memorial Day parade.  A need to purchase a banner and candy was discussed and will be researched.  Request for walkers will be posted @  The group will also request pamphlets from treatment centers and other organizations to distribute during the walk.

June  – Jessica Tomlin will chair a group for bowling at SuperBowl in Erlanger for 2 hours of bowling on a Sunday for a minimal charge per person.  The group will also research “silent auction” gift baskets.

Other fundraisers include:

Kroger stores for possible distribution of pamphlets, family support, and donations

Car washes at various locations throughout Northern Kentucky

Participation in the US 127 Longest Yard Sale

Booth at the Boone County Fair

Cincinnati Reds Concession work

Turfway Park

Golf Outing

5K walk

T-shirts, bracelets, car magnets, etc.  Tina and Ron will look into a design using the butterfly tattoo.


Plan for May 7, 2013, @ 7 p.m. Boone County Library, Burlington

Board Members will meet at Tina Roland’s home at 6 p.m. to review and finalize plans for 2 fundraisers (bowling and Memorial Day parade) prior to rally.  Ron has posted the event on and reminders will be posted on the Facebook page also.  Ron reports he has connected the two sites for communications and members.

Meeting was adjourned.


Just a note

To all our members, friends, and family who have expressed interest in helping us, and we have not been able to get back to you, we want you to know that we are greatly swamped with emails right now and we will definitely get back to ASAP.. Thanks and God Bless

To save just one…

We have done it..

Proud to announce that we have achieved one of our mini goals of $1000 in donations which has now been set aside for the purchase of Naloxone kits.  We will be working with Dr Engel of the PAR group to purchase and distribute these in the NKY area in the next two weeks.  That does however leave us with $29,000 left from our $30,000 goal.  We greatly appreciate every last cent donated and the war on the Disease called heroin is not going to be cheap.  Everything donated will go straight towards the battle.  So please check our donations page and give whatever you think you can, because every last penny truly does help.  We are also able to receive donations straight from a credit or debit card.  Thanks for everything you have done for us thus far, our members are the best…
God Bless
To save just one…

Pictures or short videos

If anyone has some pictures whether digital or need to be scanned in that they want added to picture Gallery please email them to us or get the picture to Tina and they will be added ASAP, thanks..

To save just one…

Now fully intergrated with Facebook

Users, when attempting to login to this website, should now can now click the login with facebook and their accounts will now be linked with our website. This will allow for intergration between the two sites.  Posts you make and events will now post to our Facebook page.  That way we all can see what’s happening no matter where we are.

Yard Sale Event

Who has anything to sell that they can donate?  Were talking, clothes, bikes, furniture, used equipment, toys, stuff we can use as freebies, you would be surprised at what would sell at this yard sale.  We want to set up for the Route 42 yard sale, for those who don’t know, that’s the worlds longest yard sale.

We will also be looking for a place to set up our yard sale, so if someone has a big corner of their yard somewhere on 42 and would love to help us that would be awesome.  The sale isn’t until August so we got a little bit of time for proper planning.  When you look around your home as to what you might donate, think big and small, with the route 42 yard sale nothing is out, they sell everything including the kitchen sink, so if it’s just sitting there collecting dust, then sit it aside for us, tag it so you don’t forget, and send us an email of what it is.  More to follow when the time gets close and we have more info.  Thanks and we truly appreciate everyone and all you do for us.

Also if anyone wants to have a yard sale and donate the proceeds or a portion of the proceeds to our Organization get in contact with us and we will gladly plan to send some helpers to help you with that event…

To Save Just one…

Tabatha’s Fight


We made plans for a meeting tomorrow, for those who want to attend, click the email envelope at the bottom of the page and email us, we will tell you where.  Its at 6 oclock..  We will be having board elections for board members and a secretary position, if you think you have the fire we need then come and run for a slot..  We are well motivated and need similar like minded individual’s to keep the train a rollin…

Ok lets do this

We have set a goal of $30,000 in a year, so to do that we cant sit idle.  We are going to be having a bowling alley event, a yard sale, and a silent auction, so stay informed here or on our other page which is easy to get to from this page just click the Facebook icon which is located at the bottom of every page, together and we will make this happen….

Also any other ideas you have throw out here and we will discuss it…